Alentec & Orion Orilink Complete system

The Alentec Orion OriLink® system is an advanced oil management system with no upper limit for number of reels, oil grades or reels used simultaneously. An overview of the workshop oil system layout is presented as miniatures on the screen where all activities are graphically visible in real time!
As all data is stored in the Windows environment comprehensive management reports can be obtained by using the advanced report engine in the system, or by exporting data to a report engine or other computer systems used on site.

Real Benefits
» Only permits authorised dispensing
» Records & gives traceability on every dispense
» Predominantly used for bulk oil installations but can be used for most fluids
» Eradicates fluid shrinkage & maximises profitability
» Simple to use, configure & manage
» Advanced management reporting functionality
» Stock inventory level indicators

Problems Solved…
Simply Eradicates
» Fluid not booked out
» Incorrect volume booked
» Fluid booked to the wrong job
» Fluid top ups not booked at all

Full integration into many leading vehicle service management systems
» Only dispense to a live WIP job number
» Automatically posts the dispense onto a WIP job number
» Stock adjust function capability
» Unbroken loop from tanks to service invoice

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