Tatsuno Hydrogen NX

Highest number of Installations in Japan
Hydrogen-NX dispensers are installed and used at many hydrogen stations in Japan and contribute to the spread of hydrogen fueling infrastructure.

Choice of fueling nozzle positon
HYDROGEN-NX is offered in two versions – with a front-mounted nozzle and side-mounted nozzle.
Choose the nozzle position that matches the layout of the station the best.

Built-in payment terminal for self-fueling
With a built-in payment terminal, it is easy to fuel an FCV in a short time. The touch panel intuitively guides the users from the order and payment to the end of fueling.

Support for Hydrogen Bus Fueling
The fueling protocol automatically recognizes the type of vehicle and chooses the ideal fueling setting, allowing to fuel both FCVs and FC buses in a short time.

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