KKE wash systems Portable Tire Wash System TW610 20.4 UGC

TW610 20.4 UGC

TW610 is a  Portable Tire Wash system. TW610 has water collection system to transfer the wash water to a nearby collection tank. The collection tank can be either on the left or right of the system. The system can take upto 25 tons of axle load.

Steel Ramps are provided in this configuration which are made of hot dip galvanised steel. The Ramps have  a slope of 1:10. The Ramps are fastened in the concrete using Anchor bolts.

The Bay is 4m long and  and such a configuration is suitable for loose dirt. The trucks complete one full tyre rotation within the wheel wash system.

We have seen our customers washing up to 30 trucks per hour in such Tyre wash configuration. Dirt trap system is basically a Sludge- Oil Separator, tank with Scraper Conveyor which removes the dirt settled on the bottom and a oil skimmer to remove oil, hydraulic fluids from the water. The combined capacity of Dirt trap system is 20000 liters and is preferred for lightweight dirt like coal and fine mud. It gives longer time for settlement.

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