Prestolite Automotive Electrics

Prestolite offer a wide range of high-quality starter motors for on- and off-highway commercial vehicles globally. For 12V, 24V or 36 V vehicle electrical systems, for diesel engines of up to 72 liters or spark – ignition engines of up to 144 liters – we always have a suitable solution. Reliable, long-life and designed to meet the customers needs.

Continual product development and improvement, position us well to keep up with future customer requirements. The results of these developments have produced our latest range of gear reduction starters that are gradually replacing all direct drive starter motors. Today Prestolite can provide starters for starting diesel and petrol engines of all capacities used by the automotive, truck, tractor, and other commercial industries.

Prestolite’s experience and superior technology combine to produce starters capable of withstanding the toughest environmental conditions. This translates into being the chosen OE manufacturer of starters for commercial & industrial equipment and vehicles for over 100 years.

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