Forklift Lifter RGE-GPGU


COLUMNLIFT | Mobile Wheel Engaging Column Lifts up to 7500 kg load capacity per column.


  • Very smooth running due to electro-mechanical drive system
  • High efficiency thanks to smooth-running, low-maintenance ball screw
  • 5-year warrantee for entire spindle drive
  • Excellent lifting column mechanical rigidity guarantees safety and function under any conditions
  • Precision-height positioning without overrun thanks to high-quality worm gear motor
  • Universal lifting carriages with movable holder prongs specially for forklift trucks and special-purpose vehicles
  • Overhead drive unit creates even more space in the work area
  • Workshop-robust and splash-proof control unit
  • Wear-free and easy-to-use membrane keypad
  • Flexible column positioning thanks to excess-length connection cables, guaranteeing suitability across all vehicle categories
  • User convenience with panel operator controls on each individual column
  • High level of flexibility in use due to different operating modes
  • Group and individual column operating modes enable quick and easy replacement of wheel and axle suspensions
  • Microprocessor control and CAN bus-supported monitoring of movement synchronisation and all safety functions
  • Utmost safety thanks to mechanically independent locking device
  • Simple emergency lowering for power failure included as standard
  • System can easily be expanded with up to six columns
  • Universal holder can be exchanged for wheel support claws
  • Streamline COLUMNLIFT design aids manoeuvrability specifically in workstations with restricted space
  • High-quality powder coating available in a variety of colours

Standard Delivery:

  • 2 individual mobile columns
  • 1 connecting cable (10m) with plug and socket
  • 1 mechanical dolly, repositionable
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