Vehicle Two Post Lift HF4600


The hydraulic 2-post lift Power Lift HF 4600 with a load capacity of 4600 kg and asymmetric telescopic arms is the ideal lift for the quality and price conscious dynamic auto repair shop. The perfect combination of premium hydraulics and mechanical safety, equipped with Nussbaum’s patented HyperFlow® technology and a mechanical safety latch, the Power Lift HF 4600 guarantees you perfect synchronisation at all times. With the extendable support arms consisting of a long single telescopic arm and a short double telescopic support arm you can lift a wide range of vehicles.

The Power Lift HF 4600 is developed and produced by Nussbaum in Kehl-Bodersweier in Baden-Württemberg .

  • Lifting time: 35 seconds / Lowering time [AttributeShortCode,attribute=Lowering time,attributeid=62] seconds
  • Load capacity: 4600 kg
  • Less wear, less downtime for maintenance thanks to HyperFlow®
  • Automatic safety latch (no clacking during lifting and lowering)
  • Less wear : Fixed piping of all hydraulic connections
  • Optional also with column extensions: Power Lift HF 4600 HSV
  • Guaranteed quality: The hydraulic cylinders are individually tested before dispatch
  • Developed and manufactured in Germany

The HF series is the result of over 40 years of experience in the manufacture and development of high-quality automotive lifts Made in Germany. With our specially developed, in-house technologies, we can provide you with an always perfect synchronisation without manual maintenance effort . The ergonomic operating lever Nussbaum-Commander enables sensitive, stepless lowering and allows the user to change and correct positions in the twinkling of an eye, all with maximum safety.

How does the Nussbaum safety catch differ from conventional safety systems?

During the lifting process, the Nussbaum safety latch automatically secures the vehicle at intervals of 100 mm up to the maximum lifting height of 2050 mm. The safety switch attached to the control column allows the lift to be additionally placed manually in the latch. In contrast to conventional 2-post lifts, the safety latch does not make any clicking noise during lifting and lowering, which is typical for this type of lifts. The vehicle can be lowered immediately after release of the latch, without first having to be lifted upwards out of the latch.

The Power Lift HF 4600 is also available with optional riser tube extensions for lifting  high vehicles such as vans and transporters to the ideal working height for you: Power Lift HF 4600 HSV

The pulling hydraulic cylinders protect the hydraulic circuit even during intensive use and require very little energy. The low power consumption, the consistent automatic compensation of the hydraulic circuits by the HyperFlow® system and low maintenance costs, also thanks to the reduced number of moving parts, reduce running costs. The Power Lift HF 4600 uses only fixed pipes for all hydraulic connections. The Power Lift HF 4600 are designed to be maintenance free throughout the life of the lift.

The oil submerged unit integrated in a sound-absorbing metal housing is mounted on the operating column and easily accessible for maintenance work. The columns and support arms are welded in Nussbaum’s own state-of-the-art welding facilities, shot-peened and subsequently blau powder-coated. Your lift is thus protected against dirt and weather in the long term. The design and the processing of the Power Lift HF 4600 give it an elegant overall appearance, which also allows your workshop to appear in the best light in direct customer contact.


Scope of delivery

Hebebühne mit asymmetrischen teleskopierbaren Tragarmen, 4 im Tragarm fixierte Drehteller, Steuerung mittels Commanderhebel. Passive Sicherheitsklinke, bei Bedarf kann manuell über Drucktaster in Klinke abgesetzt werden.

Installation requirements

Fundamentstärke 250 mm C20/25 normale Bewehrung, 16 Dübel BM16-25/100/40 (abhängig vom Fundament, siehe Prüfbuch), Elektroanschluss 3 PH, N + PE, 400 V, 50 Hz, Absicherung 16 Amp. träge, Hydrauliköl HLP 32 ca. 10l, Entladung

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