MAHA Performance Measurements MRS500/2 CAR 4WD VP230041


The MSR 500/2 CAR 4WD single roller dynamometer is used in workshops for designers and tuners as well as in educational institutions. It is especially suitable for performance measurements, tuning and diagnostic work on particularly powerful vehicles. With test speeds of up to 300 km/h, it is used for dynamic and static power measurement. The MSR 500/2 CAR 4WD guarantees optimum measurement accuracy and reproducibility through the active measurement of the towing power.
The rolling behaviour of the tyre is the same as on the road. Operating methods such as load simulation, including optional modules for the measurement of external data, e.g. driving cycles, are possible.
The MSR 500/2 CAR 4WD can also be extended with a 3rd or 4th eddy current brake.

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